AFFAIR, about sex or about feelings?

never know what is the significance of the affair, how the signs of people called it is “affair”. that I know, when a person feels his life “boring”, then he will look for something else, something new. whether it is an affair?

Life is not always filled with beauty and fun things, whether because it is the people choose to “affair”?

Back to the point of this topic, i always wonder, what the reason people choose to make “affair” in a relationship.

Most people commented that the reason they were make “affair” on their partner is only because of “sex”, and partly justified as a “feeling”.

How big the human need “sex” and how important a “feeling” for you, so you feel that it could be a plausible reason for the “affair”. how cheap and how many options so that you feel easy when you feel bored, you can choose “more”.

Maybe it is not a sex issue or problem of feelings when you choose to have an affair, but perhaps more accurately described the problem of “needs” and problems of “choice”.

…… Maybe they do not have to end with “affair”, and maybe all of them do not have to start with the intention of “affair “…. when you SHOULD start thinking about other people’s feelings (your “husband/wife”, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your “affair”, and everyone who related)….

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Satu Balasan ke AFFAIR, about sex or about feelings?

  1. Cid berkata:

    affair is indeed widely related to the ‘sex’ part which Sometimes it even happened without the ‘feeling’ part. But in my opinion affair is about action that we do toward the feeling. I can have feeling to other person beside my girlfriend/wife. , but as long I don’t do something about it, the affair will not take it form. Acttion toward feeling will lead to intimacy and from intimacy, affair will find its true form 🙂


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