make a dream in this christmas

when you have a dream, don’t ever be afraid to put it high up above. like you believe in Santa Claus, one day you will surely reach that dream you as easy as you reach for the star cluster on your Christmas tree….

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AFFAIR, about sex or about feelings?

never know what is the significance of the affair, how the signs of people called it is “affair”. that I know, when a person feels his life “boring”, then he will look for something else, something new. whether it is an affair?

Life is not always filled with beauty and fun things, whether because it is the people choose to “affair”?

Back to the point of this topic, i always wonder, what the reason people choose to make “affair” in a relationship.

Most people commented that the reason they were make “affair” on their partner is only because of “sex”, and partly justified as a “feeling”.

How big the human need “sex” and how important a “feeling” for you, so you feel that it could be a plausible reason for the “affair”. how cheap and how many options so that you feel easy when you feel bored, you can choose “more”.

Maybe it is not a sex issue or problem of feelings when you choose to have an affair, but perhaps more accurately described the problem of “needs” and problems of “choice”.

…… Maybe they do not have to end with “affair”, and maybe all of them do not have to start with the intention of “affair “…. when you SHOULD start thinking about other people’s feelings (your “husband/wife”, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your “affair”, and everyone who related)….

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life experiences

when experiences in the past is a guide for the future of our lives, whether it was always going to make this life better than before? when that experience only makes the fear within ourselves, is there a better future?

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not the only one

when someone is not sure he loves you, you know that he wasn’t the only one for you…

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memorable : unexpected answer

Think before you ask a question to someone, think whether you really want to ask, or at least think that you really need an answer for that question.

When you dare to ask, then you should have the courage to accept that answer. These days there is someone asking a question to me, and asked me to answer honestly. before I answer, I know, my honest answer would make him upset, so then I apologize and answer. a moment later he was angry and cursing me for the answer.

Each question must have more than 1 answer, if that only 1 answer…for what you ask and why must be questioned. if you know you can’t receive an answer, never ask, because it will only make yourself upset by your own deeds.

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memorable : a brief kiss

…if you want someone to always be mindful of yourself, then do something impressive to her in public places,….like someone who asked me to accompany him to the highest floor of a building, only to kiss me in an elevator….

this may be only happen in 5 seconds, but I remember it until now and always smiling imagining it ….

when something that was never imagined…just happen to you, and afterwards you know you also want it,maybe it will be unforgettable memories…..

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the effect of patience

when there are people who test your patience, thanks for that …… ’cause ur patience will soon bring a blessing and goodness to urself and that people…..

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